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Welp, if you are here is probably because you read one of my old entries in some community related to Johnny's.
I'm sorry but I'm not planning to re-upload a bunch of files any time soon. I accidentally had a problem with my hard drive and lost years of fandom files ORZ.

I'm not in fandom hiatus, I'm out of the Johnny's fandom and no longer a Janiwota.
Currently into K-Pop. Specifically, I'm a fan of Block B.

If you're looking for a friend, I'm all eyes and ears for you! :)



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Dec. 21st, 2013 01:07 am (UTC)
Hi, I'm just wondering if you could share the Ma-mix movie..
I found your name and ended up commenting here desparetely..
I recently became a big fan of 4u..
I really appreciate it if you could share the dl link
of 3 missing shokura premium performance from 2010,..I guess..

6/21 Works #1 “Dancin’ In The Park”
7/17 Works #4 “SPACE”
11/19 Works #6 “COLOR”

Thank you in advance,..and Happy Holidays ^^
Dec. 21st, 2013 03:32 am (UTC)
Re: Hi, I'm just wondering if you could share the Ma-mix movie..
I'm sorry, I don't have them :/
Dec. 21st, 2013 05:14 am (UTC)
Re: Hi, I'm just wondering if you could share the Ma-mix movie..
oh thank you for replying so soon.^^ never mind..
Dec. 20th, 2016 09:35 am (UTC)
what is the reason that made you out of the Johnny's fandom? Just curious^^!
Dec. 24th, 2016 07:33 pm (UTC)
Hello! Really sorry for the late reply :( Uhm well first of all that it was really a pain to get files and stuff since Japan is so strict with copyright laws specially Johnny's, also Johnny-san and how he blocked some other artists from pursuing a career after leaving was something that always bothered me a lot, the whole NEWS and KAT-TUN thing also was really hard for me and that there's not many translators -at least at the time everybody seemed to be leaving-. I didn't leave for K-Pop though, I took a hiatus for some months then I ran into it. ngl I miss Johnny's a lot, specially varieties, K-Pop fans would say Korea has great varieties/dramas but imo most are not even comparable to Japanese ones, I miss that a lot; Johnny's interactions and them telling all their stories was always fun. I always had the hope of one day coming back but 2 years ago my external hard drive broke down and I lost all my Johnny's files T_T so I've kinda made my peace with it. Also, I think I saw you around livejournal back then, your username sounds familiar. I don't know what Toma-kun is up to lately but I hope he's doing well, I love Toma-kun <3
Dec. 26th, 2016 11:09 am (UTC)
No problem and thanks for your reply!
Actually i thought you left them for K-Pop but i was wrong!! I remember you when you said you will have hiatus and you are the one who alwasy put Johnny's news and their birthdays!! I was so sad when you said you will leave it for someone to update it!! You were amazing one!! Thanks for all that things you have done!!

I think it is really hard to leave Johnny's... for me it is so difficult i think after all these years and especially because i dont follow any other japanese artists only johnny's idols!! (They ruind my life hahaha)

Yeah what happen to NEWS and KATTUN is really painful thing but I still love them and follow them and I am waiting for KATTUN to come back T_T

Yes, Toma is doing a great job he is realy hardworking person he promot his movies one by another!!

I dont know if you remember me, i am the one who asked you for all Johnny's countdown concerts and you were so great and you uploaded them for me T_T i love you💓💓💓 i remeber your icon was Inocchi that day I dont know who was that person but I knew that he is from V6 (The group that i am addicted now:) ) and I alwasy said that he looks like Daiki from Johnny's west..

There are some fangirls who i cant forget really!! I dont know why but they left something me even though i dont talk to them that much.. like you and the othersT_T
Dec. 28th, 2016 02:03 am (UTC)
Oh my God... I can't believe how sweet you are and I'm totally amazed that you can remember an icon I had so many years ago, I don't deserve so much love... you're really really really awesome!

Unfortunately when I said I'd leave no one wanted to take care of the community I had so I just deleted it, I was so intense back then translating and all, I was in college and dedicating to fandom caused so much stress in my life so I just dropped it, despite being so painful and definitely hard like Johnny's were so fulfilling in ways no one else could :(

I really don't know what's with Johnny's lately at all, just heard major news like Taichi and Nagano getting married, Taguchi leaving, SMAP disbanding, V6 / KinKi Kids in Kouhaku, I still love them so much T_T

I don't remember sending you JCD files, did I send you all? I remember I had them all, I lost all my Johnny's files I had collected for a decade a couple years ago and it made me so depressed, I hope I did send you all, at least someone can enjoy it for me <3


Yeah it was Inocchi, he was my favorite among Johnny's, I still check news about him here and then cause I love him and his family, they're so cute and seem happy ^_^ and he does look like JW Daiki omg they both have intense, cute eye-smiles and smile with their mouths wide open haahahaha

Ah, you made me miss Johnny's a lot omg... tbh often I feel like coming back to the fandom but I'm a doctor now, I need to dedicate to my career. In K-Pop I stan Block B but I no longer translate, I'm just a casual fan so it doesn't take much of my time. Johnny's have a smaller international fandom than K-Pop so it makes me want to do so much... I better hold myself back 😫

Do you have a SNS account? I'd love to follow you on Twitter or something even if you don't follow me back cause I stan K-Pop haahaha you really are a sweet person, I hope you're enjoying holidays and happy new year in advance! 😍🙆
Dec. 29th, 2016 09:51 pm (UTC)
Sorry for late reply!!
Aww thanks so much for you kind words😢

It must be really hard for you to delete the community after all the work you did in it!! 😭 I was saying to myself that time If i know japanese i will take that site and update it.. but unfortunately I don't know that much in Japanese language!!

Nagano's married is really shock news for me!! I thought Okada will be the next!! I wish him all happiness in his new life!!
Yes Taichi is also got married and his wife is pregnant now.. Oh SMAP.. it is really hard for them to disband after all these years spending and working really hard together 😢😢 on 26 of December was the last episode of スマスマ Nakai cried T_T i am not a fan but it is such a sad news..

Yes of course I still have all JCD files that you sent to me💓💓💓 I try my best to save all my files and put them in the safe place they are my treasure haha.. OMG you lost yours😭😭 who was you favorite Johnny's group? I have Ikuta Toma, Yamapi, V6, NEWS, KATTUN files.. if you want anything you can ask me any time.. I am so happy to share anything with you 💓💓

I hope you come back to Johnny's world no need to translate just as regular fan👍😉

Yes, I have Twitter this is my account name (yaseinohana0211) feel free to follow me and of course i will follow you back.

Have a nice a wonderful holidays tp you too💓💓
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